FinITiative, a new PR alliance between CitySavvy and MCS PR, signifies the first PR initiative in the Netherlands to offer integrated tech and financial PR expertise in the fintech space.

With sweeping technological trends affecting the world of finance, the sector is focused on innovation now, more than ever. Agile, innovative fintech startups are challenging traditional financial institutions with new, customer focused services and apps. Blockchain technology is poised to change fundamental aspects of multiple industries in ways not seen since the advent of the internet. Cryptocurrencies are shaking the world of investors, with promises of unheard of gains but also posing significant risks.

Amid all these changes, some things remain the same: the success of businesses – whether multinationals or small startups – depends on a solid reputation, a clear vision for the future and positive market perception. And that requires an effective communications approach, using clear and concise messages to reach key audiences.

This poses a challenge however, when it comes to executing a solid PR and communications program. Success in this market requires PR expertise in both the financial and the tech world. A combination that had been hard to find.

With this challenge in mind, FinITiative was founded in 2017. Our goal is to address the evolving PR needs of companies that wish to venture outside of the scope of their traditional target media audience. Bringing together the best of two worlds, FinITiative is agile in a swiftly growing market: financial organizations with enhanced digital infrastructures, targeting business and/or consumer audiences with digital services; tech companies servicing business or consumer audiences with financial needs or businesses focusing on the financial services industry; fintech companies in a start-up phase seeking international brand positioning and awareness, or those in a more advanced state of maturity seeking reputation management.

FinITiative understands that successful digital transformation is a necessity for all organizations, requiring effortless collaboration, strategic planning and decisive action. The digital revolution is in its initial stages and companies have no choice but to adapt, lest they become irrelevant with passage of time. In order to help organizations meet these challenges, the new alliance is committed from the outset to constant evolution and innovation, and embracing new tools and truly integrated communications models to deliver the best outcomes possible.

There is no single best way to express a vision for digital transformation, and no formula. FinITiative works with companies to formulate a distinguishing vision, identifying strengths and traits that are worth sharing with the right audience at the right time.

With sweeping changes facing the world of business, FinITiative offers organizations a unique proposition to establish, change or strengthen market perception and ensure business success.

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